CNC controlled double-head double-mitre circular saw with Shifter cut device

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DescripciónZSK600DG – high quality CNC controlled double-head double-mitre circular saw with Shifter cut device for the efficient cutting of profiles made of Aluminium - non-ferrous metals and various plastics. The machine can be used for single cutting - to cut the profile simultaneously with two saw heads, or in automatic mode - here the two-head saw becomes a single-head sawing machine -

CNC control with colour graphics - Profile drawings can be read in as DXF file - Remote maintenance via TeamViewer software for wing cutting. Saw blade drive power 2 x 3 kW - Saw blade diameter Ø 600 mm, bevel horizontal infinitely programmable 22.5° to 140° - vertical (Shifter cut) to 45°, largest section length with both saw heads simultaneously 5.000 mm or 6.000 mm - maximum / minimum length of section in automatic mode unlimited (the profile is pushed and pulled), length of the moving roller conveyor 2.300 mm, automatic spray mist lubrication, dimensions about 7 / 8 m x 1,8 m x H 1,8 m, weight about 3.200 kg.
EstadoNuevos de fábrica
Año de construcción2020
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CNC - Maschinentechnik
Hauptstraße 93
2384 Breitenfurt bei Wien

Contacto: Wolfgang ECKER

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Teléfono: 0043 660 1327811
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