Maschinenservice Wabnik

Reutlingen, Deutschland

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Unser Leistungen umfassen:
• Service-Hotline
• Reparaturservice
• Inspektion / Wartung
• Diagnose
• Maschinengeometrie
• Maschinenaufbau /-umzug /-abbau
• Konusschleifen
• Nachrüstung / Umrüstung
• Steuerungsretrofit
• Datensicherung
• Ankauf und Demontage

Zu unseren Produkten zählen:
• herstellerspezifische Ersatzteile
• Ersatzteilservice Industrieelektronik
• Spindelreparatur und Tauschspindeln
• Messkomponenten

Maschinenservice Wabnik offers service for used machines from the following manufacturers:

Maschinenservice Wabnik offers services in the following service categories:
Servicio -> Reparación -> mecánico
Servicio -> Reparación -> electrónico
Servicio -> Mantenimiento -> preventivo
Servicio -> Mantenimiento -> continuo
Servicio -> Adquisición de repuestos
Servicio -> Transporte


Maschinenservice Wabnik is a company from the Stuttgart area, which has specialized in the repair and maintenance of machine tools as well as the delivery of manufacturer-specific spare parts.

With 14 years of service experience at home and abroad, you receive a high level of qualification and know-how, especially with the SIEMENS, HEIDENHAIN and HELLER uni-Pro controls.

In the field of mechanics, you can also count on competent and fast support for diagnostics, repairs and the supply of spare parts.

Count on a competent, experienced and committed contact person in service.
It is our aim to create a comprehensive diagnosis without unnecessary use of materials, so that your machine can be put back into production as promptly and effectively as possible and spare parts costs and downtimes are as low as possible.

Thanks to the long-standing relationship with our suppliers and cooperation partners, we can offer you cost-effective and high-performance spare parts even for more complex tasks and, above all, for the heart of your machine, such as control, mechanical drive, tool spindles and covers.


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Aulberstr. 10
72764 Reutlingen
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