Czech Industrie Service

Amecke, Deutschland



Czech Industrie Service offers you a lot from a single source.

-Buying and selling of new and used sheet metal, metal and wood processing machines
-Direct machine recycling at fair market prices from the customer's location
-Complete operational resolutions
- Purchase leasing for machines and industrial goods
-Industrial facilities, industrial supplies
-Sourcing and trading in industrial goods


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Bruchhausen 21
59846 Amecke
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Teléfono: 02393 220527
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Dr.h.c. Ralf Czech


Find machines in the following categories:

CNC Universal Tool Milling Machine STANKO SMO 32

€ 5.900,-
Jet cabin-Sandjet cabin-Front loader HBM CBS 990-new

€ 1.250,-
Sandblasting cabin-beam cabin HBM CBS 350

€ 650,-
Universal Tool milling machine MAHO MH 600 incl. 3 axes Digital display

Precios a demanda.
Column drilling machine UWM 32 A-new

€ 900,-
L + Z Turning machine MEUSER M 2 L-div. Accessories

Precios a demanda.
Table Drilling Machine UWM Mod. 20-new-

€ 450,-
Sandblasting cabin-beam cabin HBM CBS 420-new-

€ 925,-
Equipo de soldadura HYUNDAI MIG 180 DC

€ 550,-
Granite measuring and teat plate incl. Underframe

€ 480,-
Sawblade sharpening machine HELLER SA 315

€ 950,-
Swivel bending machine SCHECHTL MABO 200 incl. Bending angle preselection

Precios a demanda.
hydr. Table scissors KRAMER TM II hy 2000

Precios a demanda.
Drill grinding machine GRAVER GRINDER PP-U 3-new

€ 890,-
Centro de mecanizado vertical HURCO BMC 30 HT

Precios a demanda.

Precios a demanda.
Centro de mecanizado vertical HURCO BMC 30 M

Precios a demanda.
L + Z Turning machine STANKOIMPORT 1 A 625/1500

Precios a demanda.
NC Senkerodiermaschine AGIE AGIETRON EMT 1

Precios a demanda.
L + Z Turning machine STANKOIMPORT 1 A 625/1100

Precios a demanda.
Pillar drilling machine ALZMETALL AB 3 ESV

Precios a demanda.
L + Z Turning machine WEILER/GDW LZ 250 S incl. 3 axes Digital display

Precios a demanda.
Univ. Tool Milling Machine TOS FNGJ 50 incl. 3 axes Heidenhain Digital Display

Precios a demanda.
L + Z Turning machine MAZAK 18 " x 2600

€ 5.900,-
Sierra de arco CARIF 240

€ 1.500,-
CNC Inclined bed turning machine BIGLIA B 1000

€ 9.900,-
Bohr-& milling machine HBM BF 16 DRO incl. 3 axes Digital display-spez. for small parts

€ 1.490,-
Tool Adjustment & Measuring instrument ZOLLER hyperion H 520 DZ

Precios a demanda.
L + Z Turning machine TOS GALANTA SUIL 40 A VAC incl. 3 axes FAGOR Digital display

Precios a demanda.
hydr. Flatgrinder GERH/ELB 35 VAI-Z

Precios a demanda.
hydr. Ironing saw BEHRINGER KS 280 HY

€ 1.495,-
hydr. Table scissors BLEMAS TK 4000 x 6

Precios a demanda.
L + Z Turning machine ARIS SNB 400 x 1500-lots of accessories

Precios a demanda.
NC Universal Tool Milling Machine DECKEL FP 4 A

€ 3.900,-
Thread drilling machines HÜLLER UG 2 + UG 4-in set

€ 500,-
Vertical wooden bandsaw ELEKTRA BECKUM BAS 500 BND

€ 850,-
Universal Tool milling machines MAHO MH 700 incl. 3 Axes Heidenhain Dig. Display

€ 2.700,-
hydr. Flat grinding machine JUNG F 50 R

Precios a demanda.
Universal Tool Milling Machine

Precios a demanda.
Ultrasonic welding machine BRANSON

€ 250,-
L + Z rotary machine LZ 800-lots of accessories

€ 1.750,-